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Find the THC-85P Flagro Tent & Box Style Heaters in the diagram listings shown below. Each diagram will take you direct to the THC-85P Flagro Tent & Box Style Heaters repair part listings and part views for your model.

Part Diagram THCP-101 Flagro Cast Iron Burner THCP-103 Flagro Igniter wire THCP-103 Flagro Igniter wire THCP-104 Flagro 120/24 volt transformer THCP-105 Flagro Gas Valve / Solenoid - 24V THCP-106A Flagro Ignition control-120V (Fenwal) (Current) THCP-107A Flagro Wiring Harness for THCP-106A THCP-108A Flagro High temperature limit (Outlet) (Current) THCP-109 Flagro High temperature limit (Burner) THCP-110 Flagro Air proving Sail switch THCP-111 Flagro Main Burner or Fan Switch THCP-113 Flagro Motor THCP-114A Flagro Fan blade THC-85 THCP-117 Flagro Orifice for THC-85LP THCP-118 Flagro Orifice for THC-85NG THCP-119 Flagro Orifice Holder THCP-120 1/4  X 3 1/2  NIPPLE THCP-120A Flagro Repair Part THCP-121 Flagro Electrical supply cord THCP-122 Flagro Side Handles (each) Two required THCP-123 Flagro Rear Handle THCP-124 Flagro Wheel 10 THCP-125S Flagro Wheel shaft THC-85 THCP-126A Flagro Rear foot THC-85 THCP-127 3/8  X 15FT HOSE ASSEMBLY - 3/8  SAE X 3/8  NPT - LP THCP-129 TWO STAGE REGULATOR- 3/8  OUTLET 2003-T THCP-131 Flagro Tent Heater Latch THCP-132 Flagro Door Hinge (Two required) THCP-8510 Flagro Body Panel for THC-85 THCP-8511 Flagro Front Door for THC-85 THCP-8512 Flagro Rear Panel for THC-85 THCP-WD12 12  x 10' White Duct (THC-85&175) (Worm Gear) THCP-DA12 Duct Adaptor (THC-85 & 175) THCP-DD Flagro Repair Part THCP-HD85 THC-85 Heater Diffuser THCP-TH Remote Thermostat