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Find the THC-355CDF Flagro Tent & Box Style Heaters in the diagram listings shown below. Each diagram will take you direct to the THC-355CDF Flagro Tent & Box Style Heaters repair part listings and part views for your model.

Part Diagram THCP-101 Flagro Cast Iron Burner THCP-102 Flagro Igniter / Flame sensor Assembly THCP-103 Flagro Igniter wire THCP-104 Flagro 120/24 volt transformer THCP-105A GAS VALVE / SOLENOID - 24V THCP-106A Flagro Ignition control-120V (Fenwal) (Current) THCP-107A Flagro Wiring Harness for THCP-106A THCP-108B Flagro Repair Part THCP-109 Flagro High temperature limit (Burner) THCP-110 Flagro Air proving Sail switch THCP-111 Flagro Main Burner or Fan Switch THCP-113A 3/4 HP MOTOR THCP-114B FAN BLADE THCP-115A Flagro Repair Part THCP-119A ORIFICE HOLDER THCP-121A POWER CORD THCP-122 Flagro Side Handles (each) Two required THCP-124A WHEELS - 12  (EACH) TWO REQUIRED THCP-124B 6  LOCKABLE CASTERS (EACH) TWO REQUIRED THCP-125LB WHEEL SHAFT THCP-131 Flagro Tent Heater Latch THCP-132 Flagro Door Hinge (Two required) THCP-146 BELT TENSIOR THCP-147 BELT TENSIOR PULLEY THCP-148 BELT TENSIOR PULLEY BUSHING THCP-149 MOTOR PULLEY THCP-150 Flagro Repair Part THCP-151 PILLOW BLOCK (TWO REQUIRED) THCP-152 3/4  X 16  PULLEY SHAFT THCP-153 DRIVE BELT THCP-154A POWER SUPPLY INDICATOR LIGHT THCP-155 LOCKABLE FUEL SELECTOR VALVE THCP-156 INLET RING THCP-157 FRONT DOOR THCP-158 REAR DOOR ( LOUVERED) THCP-159 TOP PANEL - THC-355CDF THCP-160 SIDE BODY PANEL (OULET) THCP-161 SIDE BODY PANEL (FUEL SUPPLY) 40-100-12 Flagro Sch 40 Elbow (3/4) 40-113E5 3/4  X 5  NIPPLE 40-113E5 3/4  X 5  NIPPLE 40-116-8 1/2  90 DEGREE STREET ELBOW (EACH) TWO REQUIRED 40-120-12-8 3/4  X 1/2  REDUCING BUSHING S60180-12 Flagro Repair Part 348-12E 3/4 MP X 3/4 M.JIC STEEL ADAPTER THCP-162 SIGHT GLASS 2003-T Flagro Repair Part THCP-WD18 18  x 12' White Duct (THC-355DF) (Worm Gear) THCP-DA18 Duct Adaptor (THC-355) THCP-DD18 18  Duct Diffuser (THC-355)