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We take pride in our products. After all, we fix our Flagro heaters too! Your order is important to us as well, which is why we want to make sure that your products arrive on time, are the correct parts for your mixer and in excellent condition. Please take a moment to review our shipping policy to be informed of how and when your order will ship.

Order Processing

Orders placed by noon EST are normally processed and shipped within approximately two (2) business days from the date the order was placed.

*Please be aware that any orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are considered non-business days will be delayed until Monday morning so please allow for the additional processing time.

Shipping Methods Within the USA

We use UPS, FedEx and US Mail to ship orders. Packages shipped using all of these methods are trackable and insured. If your order is not delivered as promised, we can issue a replacement or refund to you. Unfortunately, UPS does not service P.O. Box or APO addresses so we will use US Mail for all of these types of ship to addresses.

We Offer the Following Shipping Services

LocationAvailable ServicesCost (Standard)
48 Contiguous United States
  • Next Day Air
  • 2nd Day Air
  • Ground
$8.95 Flat Rate Ground
Hawaii and Alaska
  • Next Day Air
  • 2nd Day Air
  • US Mail Ground
$16.95 Flat Rate Ground
  • Next Day Air
  • 2nd Day Air
  • US Mail Ground
$18.95 Flat Rate Ground
International Customers We try to ship US Mail for cost savings when possible. Please contact us for a shipping quote direct to your location worldwide.  

Orders do not ship until they have been fully processed. Please take order processing time into consideration when selecting a shipping method.

Shipping Cost

Want to check shipping charges before making a purchase? Add items to your cart and click the "check out" button. Don't worry, you will not be charged for an order until you submit your credit card information!

Factory Direct Shipments

Some of our mixer parts are shipped factory direct right to your door from the original manufacturer. They are packaged by the factory to withstand damage during shipping. If a product looks damaged or parts are missing, please contact us. will make every effort to help you obtain the necessary replacements as quickly as possible.

Pricing Policy reserves the right to change prices at any time. Purchase prices are final at the date of purchase.

Cancellation Policy

We make every attempt to process orders as quickly as possible. Therefore, once an order has been shipped and picked up by the respective carrier we cannot cancel the order. The standard Returns and Exchanges Policy applies to all orders.



Shipments to residences usually require a lift gate, as most houses do not have high docks. You must request the lift gate when you order the items so that this can be noted on the bill of lading. If it is not noted on the bill of lading and you need the lift gate, there will be a re-delivery charge.  Will you need help unloading the items upon delivery? Package handling companies off-load and uncrate for a fee.  Otherwise, make sure you have enough people to help unload the items. Or ask for an inside delivery when placing your order.


Do you live where a large tractor-trailer would have difficulty maneuvering? Examples: a half-mile gravel driveway, narrow streets, dead-end streets. Notifying the trucking company of this in advance will prevent extra costs and headaches.

There are several options for a delivery to a difficult location: 1) Meet the tractor-trailer at the end of the street. 2) Pick up the delivery yourself at the freight terminal, which will also save you the residential delivery fee. 3) At the time of order, specify that you will need a small box truck for delivery.


Most trucking companies will deliver a crate only to the curb.  It is the customer’s responsibility to move the crate into the house or garage. Most companies offer inside delivery for an extra charge. With a little kindness and monetary appreciation, the driver may place the crate closer to the house or garage.




We pack all our products for truck shipment on carrier-approved wood pallets. We ship hundreds of products a year this way, and only a small percentage are damaged in shipment. Our terms of sale are F.O.B. shipping point, meaning that title to these goods passes to you when the carrier receives the goods at our plant. If any part of the shipment is damaged, report the damage immediately to the transportation company during delivery. Here are some tips on how to receive freight shipments:


  • DO NOT SIGN FOR THE UNIT WITHOUT THOROUGHLY INSPECTING THE CONTENTS OF EACH DELIVERED CONTAINER. To ensure that your unit has arrived in good condition, we strongly encourage you to open each delivered container and carefully inspect the contents before signing the delivery receipt (Proof of Delivery). By performing this task immediately, you are not only helping us to more quickly determine that your unit arrived undamaged, but it also protects you against any possible product liability claims. Once you sign the delivery receipt, you are certifying that your unit arrived in good condition and that both the shipper (iBuy Stores) and freight company are free of any liability.


  • PLEASE KINDLY ASK THE DRIVER TO WAIT FOR YOU WHILE YOU INSPECT THE SHIPMENT. The freight company will not knowingly ship any items that are damaged. They (the freight company) routinely inspect every container before accepting any item to be shipped. Consequently, you should not sign any courier receipt which transfers product liability over to you, until you have first inspected the shipment’s contents. A still camera can also be extremely helpful in documenting the shipment’s condition upon arrival. Note: If the driver can’t wait, you have up to 72 hours to inspect the container’s contents and report any damaged items to us (iBuy Stores) to receive replacements parts free of charge.


  • IF THE DRIVER WILL WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN FULLY INSPECT THE SHIPMENT, OPEN EACH PACKAGE AND CHECK FOR DAMAGED ITEMS. Check for damage to glass panels and/or shelves, acrylic and/or metal panels, base skirt and/or base, etc. Take pictures of each unusable item. Please make sure not to misplace any inventoried item.


  • IF ANY ITEM APPEARS TO BE DAMAGED, HAVE THE DRIVER WRITE “DAMAGED,” WITH THEIR INITIALS, ON THE PROOF OF DELIVERY (P.O.D.) FORM. This step is essential to document that you received non-functioning component in a damaged shipment.


  • CHECK THE CONDITION OF THE SHRINK WRAP AND WARNING TAPE. If the warning tape (a white plastic tape with red writing stating: “STOP. DO NOT BREAK DOWN PALLET OR WRAP. If tape is broken check contents before signing! GLASS HANDLE WITH CARE!”) and/or shrink wrap have been removed and/or damaged, check the shipment’s contents immediately, and document the broken and/or damaged item(s) on the Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) receipt. It is possible the shipment may have been manipulated to conceal damage. Taking accurate photos of this step can help ascertain and document the origins of product damage.


  • CHECK AROUND ALL SIDES OF THE SHIPMENT FOR ANY EXTERNAL DAMAGE(S). Check the condition of the pallet (skid) for any abuse during shipment. If there is damage to the pallet, there may potentially be damage to the contents directly resting against the pallet (the bottom). Take pictures of any external damage(s).


  • IF A SHIPMENT COMES IN MULTIPLE BOXES/CRATES AND SOME, BUT NOT ALL OF THE PACKAGES ARE COMPLETELY DAMAGED, DO NOT REFUSE THE ENTIRE SHIPMENT – ONLY DECLINE THE DAMAGED CONTAINER(S). If there are four packages on one pallet, and one box has fork lift holes through the center of the package, damaging the items inside, but leaving the other three other boxes completely unharmed, do not refuse the entire shipment. Note: Just because a container’s exterior has some holes or perforations, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the contents inside are damaged. Our shipping cartons are designed to expertly protect our units and sustain normal shipping wear and tear.  So a few exterior bruises do not necessarily mean that the interior contents are damaged. Please inspect every container first, before documenting damaged items. If the items inside the bruised exterior package are indeed damaged, refuse only the container(s) that have unusable parts, and accept the remaining packages that are in good condition.


  • NOTE: NEVER WRITE: “SUBJECT TO INSPECTION”, “NO VISIBLE DAMAGE”, or “DAMAGE TO CRATE/PACKAGING”, “POSSIBLE DAMAGE” ON THE P.O.D. The freight company will not accept a damage claim if any of these phrases are written on the P.O.D. form. If you see that any part of the shipment is damaged, please simply write “DAMAGED,” then give more detailed information. For example: “DAMAGED – HOLE IN CARDBOARD BOX, CAN HEAR BROKEN GLASS RATTLING.”


  • MAKE NOTE OF WHICH BOXES WERE REFUSED AND WHICH CONTAINERS WERE RECEIVED IN GOOD CONDITION. Photos may help you document this determination more concretely. Have the DRIVER make note of your damage assessment on the P.O.D. with THEIR INITIALS.


  • IF THE DRIVER IS IN A HURRY AND WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO MAKE A THOROUGH SHIPMENT INSPECTION, INITIATE A QUICK VISUAL EXAMINATION OF THE CONTAINER’S EXTERIOR CONDITION. Inspect the containers for external damage. If any blemishes are visible to the shipment’s exterior, or you can hear something damaged inside (such as broken glass), have the DRIVER write “DAMAGED” with THEIR INITIALS on the P.O.D. and receive the shipment as damaged. Take pictures of any external damages.
  • We believe that it is unfair for the driver to manipulate anyone into receiving a shipment that is possibly damaged, without inspection. The freight company is allowed to inspect and/or refuse any shipment for shipping. If the item is damaged, the party responsible for the damage will be held liable. If there is no physical damage to the item(s) inside the package, and only the external packaging was damaged, no claim will be filed and neither party will be needed to be held liable.


  • AFTER THE DRIVER HAS LEFT, THE SHIPMENT AND ITS CONTENTS MUST BE FULLY INSPECTED FOR ANY DAMAGES PROMPTLY. A DAMAGE REPORT MUST BE REPORTED TO THE FREIGHT COMPANY AND THE SHIPPER WITHIN 72 HOURS OF DELIVERY. Please do not wait weeks or months to open up your packages. You are only allowed 72 hours to report any product damage. The freight company and the shipper cannot be held liable for any damages reported after this 72-hour window. Once a damage report is filed with the freight company, a damaged claim form will be created by the shipper and forwarded to the freight company, and all damaged parts will be replaced, as needed.


  • KEEP ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING. If you do submit a damage report during the 72-hour window, we advise you to keep all original packaging. Once the damaged claim form is forwarded to the freight company, an inspector will be sent out to personally examine the damaged package and its contents, in order to process the claim properly. If the inspector cannot inspect the packaging, the freight company will claim they are not liable, because it cannot be proven they were responsible for any damage(s).


  • DON’T MOVE THE DAMAGED PACKAGE TO ANOTHER LOCATION UNTIL THE CLAIM IS SETTLED. The freight company and shipper cannot be held liable for any damages if the shipment/item is moved to another location after it has been certified to have been delivered in good condition to the correct address.


  • CREATE AN INVENTORY OF DAMAGED ITEMS TO INSURE AN ACCURATE REPLACEMENT PART LIST (WITH PHOTOS, IF POSSIBLE). Make sure that an accurate list of broken parts is included in your damage report. This will help ensure that you receive an accurate inventory of replacement parts. Digital photos can visually document which parts are damaged and help expedite your claim for replacement parts in a timely manner.


If these steps above are not followed we may have no ability to obtain credit for the damaged goods you have ordered.  The shipment is FULLY insured and it is our job to file the claim and make sure you receive a new and working product.  We have no way to file claims if the steps above are not done completely or properly.