Monday Dec 11, 2023

Flagro Repair Parts

Flagro Heaters are hot Hot HOT!

Buy Flagro Heater repair parts and get that old unit running again in no time!

Construction job site heaters can really take a beating on any job site out there. Flagro heaters are built tough, but even the normal daily wear and tear will take a toll on the internal components of the construction heater. Bad gas valves, leaking gas lines and even bade themocouples are a common issue to encounter. Just buying repairs parts can save you hundreds of dollars a year and avoid a new heater purchase. Another common call we get is for blower motors. Forced are heater blower motors could easily get overloaded and even burn out sometimes. Just inspecting your electric blower fan monthly can save you money in heater parts year after year.

The gas line health of your Flagro heater is important as well. Many Flagro construction heater models have long gas lines running to them. Be sure to inspect your LP propane and NG natural gas lines all the time for safety and quality heat output. Call in now to speak with one of our technicians to find out more.

Flagro BBQs - It Is Grilling Time!

Flagro offers some of the biggest gas commercial grills out there!

There is nothing better than a quality and high powered BBQ grill. There is nothing worse than having a barbecue grill that won't light or stay lit in the middle of a catering job. Most every time this happens it can be directly be linked to a bad regulator on the gas line. Always keep an eye on the output of the gas flow for the type of fuel you use and if the pressure seems low enough to need a new regulator to get you back up and running in minutes

When changing out the regulator make sure it is the proper flow rate for your fuel source and no they are not one type fits all, sorry! It is even a great idea to keep a spare regulator on hand if you plan on doing a lot of grilling. You would not believe how many replacement gas regulators we overnight ship to customers around the USA. Wide catering grills like these also have a wide array of stainless steel cooking grids and cooking grill lids. Always keep them clean and treated. Inspect them month for any weld failures that may have occurred on the grill.

The Flagro Company History

Flagro Industries has been building propane, natural gas, and even oil fired heating equipment in Ontario, Canada for over 30 years. The Flagro company was founded by Bruce Watson in 1978. As of today Flagro still remains a privately owned company internationally. Flagro offers a wide range of gas and oil related products to both business and consumers all over North America.

The portable construction heaters are the product line has expanded many times over. Their line up of models include a comprehensive listing of propane, natural gas, and kerosene oil fired temporary heaters, liquid propane LP burners and torches. You can even find air movers and roofing and road maintenance equipment.

Flagro’s BBQ Grill division makes the Silver Giant commercial gas grill product line. These barbecues are designed for the hospitality catering and rental industries. You can always be rest assured that all products manufactured by Flagro are tested by qualified technicians before it is shipped from the factory to ensure that it meets or exceeds applicable regulatory and safety standards.

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